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Double Tracks over light-weight Towers :

  • This unique Double Tracks system allows Karts to travel in any direction. It also allows Karts to go up or down on curved tracks for the ground station and over passing at intersections.
  • Smart Karts:

  • Smart Karts can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes based on the community’s needs. They can carry 1 to 30 passengers at a time or even carry cargo or cars with or without passengers. Smart Karts are fully automated and they will be monitored on real-time basis via the command centers.
  • Switcher Arms:

  • Switcher Arms is one the main elements of the design that will allow the Karts to safely switch from one track to another at top speeds (up to 200 MPH). The Arms open and close in a fraction of a second by using the piazo-electric actuators and magnetic force drive systems.
  • Levitation:

  • SMT rail is unique when it comes to its Karts. The Karts are levitated under the track system and using electro magnetron to adjust the levitation for the loads upward. Several upper magnets align the Arms to eliminate friction and contact with the tracks.
  • Tracks:

  • SMT Rails’ track system is designed to be modular and can be modified to be extended without impacting the overall system design.
  • Stations:

  • Stations are located at the ground level to reduce costs and to provide accessibility to all users, especially those with special needs.
  • Solar Devices:

  • The Karts are suspended under the tracks, allowing for the top portion of the tracks to accommodate miles of solar devices. This helps in producing plenty of energy for the system and for other uses such as providing street and other ancillary systems.
  • Propulsion System:

  • The drums act as the electrical motor.
  • Kart Arms:

  • Kart Arms are installed on a track ball.
  • Toll Collection:

  • There is also has a provision for toll collection through a system that accommodates the use of smart phones, card readers and credit cards.
  • Other Options:

  • Under the Kart surveillance camera, advertisement board or screen, please contact SMT Rail for a list of available options.
  • Kart Internal:

  • Karts and stations include tamper-proof touch screens that display interactive multi-language maps. These allow riders to select their desired travel destinations.
  • GPS Equipment:

  • Karts can be ordered by the passengers using smart phones that are equipped with GPS
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