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The unique design of SMT Rail has the following advantages over the existing modes of transportation such as buses, mono rail, taxis, and passenger trains, High speed Rail and some shuttle mini buses, cargo trucks and trains.

A combination of electric and Nano-magnetic uses to create an Eco-friendly system that requires very little energy to operate. The amount of energy requires:

  • will be generated by solar and wind powers. Thin film solar devices will be placed above the rails to create a massive solar farm to supply system operating power.
  • SMT Rail reverse levitated system with no friction and noise. This technology completely eliminates noise and improves urban quality of life.
  • Is designed to be fully automated and to run on the unique elevated Double Tracks system. This will reduce accidents related to human errors and increase public safety.
  • Ground-level stations to provide maximum accessibility to its riders espe/cially to those with special needs.
  • Fully guided visual and voice command maps system in multiple languages to guide passengers.
  • Sustainable and light-weight system that does not need to be connected to the power grids. Therefore, it can deploy as Urban or Long distance transportation system (unlimited range) within all types of terrains and a low impact to the environments.
  • Lower in cost of installation when compared to other modes of transportation with an income producing Solar / Wind power capability. Kart maps systems and elevated Karts body can be used to display advertisements to generate revenues.
  • The system’s unique design can withstand earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.
  • SMT Rail is the world’s first on demand Smart Mass Transit system that provides passengers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year safe, quite and green mobility.
  • Has very few moving parts thus eliminating noise, wear and tear. It thus increases the life of the system and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Can travel up to 70 MPH in the urban areas and up to 300 MPH passing the urban area, light-weight towers system will eliminate the costs of bridging and tunneling in many cases.
  • Passengers can enjoy a comfortable, soft, quiet and fast ride by enjoying the view of the cities or nature from above while they travel from point A to point B.
  • SMT Rail can carry many size of passenger Karts up to 30 persons, also carry cargo containers up to 10 US tones and have the world’s first cars transporter system (a car can be transported with or without the passengers up to 300MPH to avoid long drives thereby saving money on gas).
  • SMT Rail will eliminate Billion tons of CO2 emissions.
  • The overhead system with a small foot print can be installed middle of the exciting streets, boulevard, highway and Freeway. SMT Rail requires very little right of way and have very low impact on the environments.
  • SMT Rail can be used in airports, shipyards, mines, theme parks and other public attractions including zoos. Large company facilities, educational campuses and hospitals. System can be designed in many sizes to fit all projects needs.
  • System equipped with SMT Rail battery backup technology will provides 24 hours a day and 365 days of service at a fraction of the cost of existing transportation systems.
  • SMT Rail elevated systems can save millions of wildlife and many humans life’s
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