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About Us

Smart Mass Transit Rail (SMT Rail) was established in 2010, by its inventor and founder JP Mobasher, to bring together a group of investors, top engineers and scientists for realizing his global vision. JP has been working to find a global solution for transportation since 1987. For the last seven years, he has been studying transportation use in over 200 cities across 31 countries. Subsequently, he designed and developed the idea of a unique transportation system called SMT Rail.

JP’s research revealed that today’s growing need for mobility has created a negative impact on our fragile planet. This is especially evident in regions of the world that have experienced large-scale expansions. JP has also discovered that expansion cannot be stopped as population grows. However, it is possible to reduce or even in some cases, eliminate the transportation carbon foot print with his new SMT Rail invention.

Mission Statement

SMT Rail is committed to providing the greenest, safest and fastest mode of transportation at the lowest mobility costs/travel mile to all the nations of the world. It also aims to reduce the human carbon foot print/travel mile to protect the eco-system wherever transportation needs have to expand. Value Proposition

SMT Rail will allow communities, municipalities or governments to provide its citizens with 24/7 and 365 days a year greenest, safest, most comfortable and on-demand transportation system. This will also help transportation agencies make substantial annual profits.

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