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  • SMT Stand for Solar Mass Transit. This is the most Greenest, Smartest and planet friendly mode of transportation known to man.
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  • SMT rail teams are a group of multinational engineers with over 100 years of combine experiences in 20 different fields of engineering, city planning and human relationship.
  • SMT work on an elevated system to reduce street traffics in the urban area and to provides rapid transit for long distances by eliminating the human and animal road accidents
  • SMT rail unique double tracks and arms are the only system known in the world that can allows SMART and automated Karts to travel in all directions without need of stopping in the intersections and the crossings
  • SMT rail is the first system using a reverse levitated technology to reduce the size of infrastructure and to allow different solar systems to be installing on the top his tracks
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  • SMT rail have one the most smallest infrastructure foot print with smallest overhead tracks profile that can be install between the existing streets, boulevards, highways , under or over the existing bridges and all other type of terrains like mountain, deserts, flood and snow areas.
  • SMT uses the latest in Nano electromagnetic and electronic that will require very little energy to power the system, the energy need will be vary depend of the speed and the terrains.
  • SMT Rail is design to allow different type of solar systems to be install on the top of the his tracks, these solar systems will be selected base on the region and the costumer’s budgets
  • Depending to the location and size of the system they will be batteries back up systems that will be install in the towers to provide the needed powers, also the total system can design with a manner to provide electricity to area. SMT Rail is a transportation system but miles and miles of his tracks also can be use as a complete solar energy collecting system.
  • SMT Rail fully pre- fabricated and modular system can be installed in any cities with very little interruption to the existing life activities. Also SMT Rail modular system can be reconfigure it by adding or eliminating per example: station or intersection with little efforts and costs.
  • SMT Rail is design to provide a green, fast, safe and comfortable mobility to everyone on the planet with much lower costs then any present known mode of transportation, the system works with very little moving parts to fail and that will allows each Smart Kart to function for many years without any major maintenances.
  • SMT Rail reverse levitation system is very unique and is one of the invention trade secretes, this invention allows the Smart Karts to glide under the double tracks without any contact to create a soft and quiet ride even at speeds approaching 300 MPH
  • The system in general can carry Karts up to 30 passengers or car and cargo containers up to 10 US Tones
  • NO, each project is unique and will be achieve in 3 to 5 phases depending the customer’s needs and experiences
  • Phase I: SMT engineers will team up with the local transportation authorities group to design an ultimate SMT Rail system for the region
  • Phase II: SMT engineers per customer request can setup a manufacturing plant for the customer in the region for them long terms needs , or can contract built the system outside of the region and to coordinate the installation.
  • Phase III: SMT will provide training to the local staffs for operation and maintenance of the system Phase IV: SMT will continue training and consultation
  • Phase V: New manufacturing plants can team up with SMT Rail for construction of the system for SMT Rail outside customers under SMT Rail license and agreements.
  • Please refer to the Service section of the website; there is a table of the typical costs
  • In general from design to completion will take 5 to 7 years, depend the size of the project and level of funding
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