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SMT Rail greenest innovation in the levitated light-rail technology. This new patented system allows addressing the challenges with the current public mode of transportation. SMT Rail eco-friendly modular and light weight system can be deployed in aesthetically pleasing manner. SMT Rail is the world’s first light-rail Urban and Long Range Rapid transit system that acts as a massive solar / wind farm with a built-in power transmission infrastructure.

SMT Rail prefabricated and modular design allows a quick and low costs deployment within all terrains at a minimum impact to the environments.

SMT Rail with his income producing solar / wind farm and power transmission capability will allow to payoff the installation investments and to offset the operation costs.

  • About Us

    Smart Mass Transit Rail (SMT Rail) was established in 2010, by its inventor and founder JP Mobasher, to bring together a group of investors, top engineers and scientists for realizing his global vision.

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  • Services

    SMT Rail provides specific design base on each client needs and requirements, contract- build and installation, Training and on site support to all the nations around the world.

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  • Technology

    This unique Double Tracks system allows Karts to travel in any direction. It also allows Karts to go up or down on curved tracks for the ground station and over passing at intersections.

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    The unique design of SMT Rail has the following advantages over the existing modes of transportation such as buses, mono rail, taxis, and passenger trains, High speed Rail and some shuttle mini buses, cargo trucks and trains.

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