Value Proposition

SMT Rail is the product of over 15 years of research and incorporates over 600 new forms of technology. Of these, over half are proprietary I.P. with world-wide patents. These exclusive technologies were developed in the labs of the SMT Rail company, based in the United States, which develops projects world-wide. SMT Rail allows communities, municipalities and private operators to provide the public with the greenest, safest and most comfortable transportation on the globe. The system is automated and provides on-demand transportation service 24/7, 365 days a year. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) automation for passenger and cargo processing means smooth operations and steady revenue streams. Combined with a greatly reduced cost of installation, maintenance and operation, SMT Rail's automated operations translates into profits and a successful enterprise. Public-sector SMT Rail systems can operate without a need for annual government subsidies and can, in fact, generate income for local governments.


Uses a combination of electric and magnetic systems that require very little energy to operate. The amount of energy the system requires will be generated using solar technology. Thin film solar panels will be placed all along the rail line that will supply the energy required to operate the system. This makes the system with a zero carbon foot print
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