JP Mobasher

JP Mobasher graduated in 1985 from the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal in Canada with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, he has become an expert in Automation and Robotics. Mr. Mobasher's designs for the Canadian Arm and step disk motor are still in use on the International Space Station. He was selected by one of the largest American/Canadian pulp and paper manufacturing companies to update their production lines. His re-designing and re-tooling of their 600,000 square foot facility, permitted their production line to produce paper out of recycled materials rather than wood.

As an offshoot of this assignment, he invented several new products using recycled materials and subsequently became the company's director of production. Many of these products are now used widely in automotive and aircraft manufacturing. Mr. Mobasher obtained his private pilot license and learned to fly several types of aircraft in record time prior of his move to California in the late 1980’s to manage a corporation specializing in Computers and Automation. For the past 20 years, he has launched several research and development projects focusing on the practical application of new science and technology.

He also currently consults with residential and commercial builders, providing valuable technical inputs in the planning, designing and construction of efficient, eco-friendly projects. As a volunteer advisor to several local municipalities, his recommendations have helped save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mr. Mobasher’s lifelong passion has always been to find practical solutions to the problem of human impact on the planet's fragile ecosystem. For the past 17 years, he has traveled the world extensively, dedicating his time and energy to finding ways to alleviate this problem. His research convinced him that mass transportation systems should play an important role in tackling this problem. Since December 2010, Mr. Mobasher has obtained patents in several countries for the hundreds of new technologies developed for his environmentally sustainable Smart Mass Transit (SMT) system. Working with scientists, engineers, government and investors around the world, he is now introducing revolutionary SMT Rail transportation to the world.


Uses a combination of electric and magnetic systems that require very little energy to operate. The amount of energy the system requires will be generated using solar technology. Thin film solar panels will be placed all along the rail line that will supply the energy required to operate the system. This makes the system with a zero carbon foot print
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