SMT (Smart Mass Transit) Rail is an overhead light rail system suspended on a network of support towers. It is designed from inception to be the world’s greenest high-speed mass transportation solution. Most competing systems are based on low-speed high-noise transportation utilizing a few large trains with fixed schedules. SMT Rail introduce an entirely new mass transit paradigm based on thousands of small cars providing high-speed solar powered mobility to the public based on rider demand.

Advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) automates passenger and cargo logistical processing, reducing both accidents and overhead.

Solar energy to power the system is generated by clean eco-friendly nanotechnology. This advanced solar energy collection technology produces surplus electricity that can be used by the surrounding community

SMT Rail provides clean super-fast passenger and cargo service in urban settings without harming the environment. SMT Rail emits no greenhouse gases, has a zero-carbon footprint and is fabricated from recycled materials using advanced nanotechnology manufacturing technology.

New ultra-light weight nanomaterial alloys provide a structure with unprecedented strength and durability. The system's proprietary nanomagnetic reverse-levitated drive system greatly reduces energy consumption and waste. This high powered system capable of reaching speeds up to 300 mph.

The system's lower cost of installation, operation and long-term maintenance makes SMT Rail the one of the world's most exciting transportation value propositions.

SMT Rail will allow cities to provide the public with safe low-cost on-demand transportation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system is designed to generate profits and eliminate the need for government subsidies.

SMT Rail will be made in the U.S.A. We are proud to present this quality American product to cities around the world. All phases of fabrication and manufacturing will be conducted in North America. There will be no off-shoring to other regions of the world.


Uses a combination of electric and magnetic systems that require very little energy to operate. The amount of energy the system requires will be generated using solar technology. Thin film solar panels will be placed all along the rail line that will supply the energy required to operate the system. This makes the system with a zero carbon foot print
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